Why Hire An Inspector?

Buying a home is a significant lifetime experience, and once you have purchased, it is yours. A home inspection will reduce the risk of purchasing a dwelling with defects that you are not aware of, and reduce the stress that buying a home causes. I am a home inspector and visually inspect for defects. The “Orlando Realty And Property Management” will assist you in making a knowledgeable decision for housing inspection.

What Do You Get?

A signed contract between you, the client and myself, outlining the scope, cost and liability issues of the inspection.
A written report and a copy of the Home Reference Manual. The report details the inspection and will set out defect priorities. The story is for your use only and should not be shared with others without my knowledge and permission.
A chance for you to review my digital inspection pictures. I can supply you with a copy of these photos on a CD or hard copy for an additional cost.
Assurance that you are aware of all the visually apparent defects in the home before you buy.
What I need to inspect your future home:

I need 2-3 hours of access to the house, and the vendors report on current known defects.
I need permission to take exterior pictures and interior pictures of defect signs.
I need at least a half hour of your time to go through a verbal on-site report. You would get the most value by accompanying me on most of the inspection and viewing my digital pictures.
I need a signed contract before the start of the inspection and full payment before you receive the report.

What Does It Cost?

From $350 to $500 plus HST for a home of 3000 square feet or smaller. My services are those of an Engineer with the services and benefits supplied by Carson Dunlop. My price is competitive for the service and benefits I provide.

Need An Advice?